Is Gas Fuse valve easy to install ?
Yes, the Gas Fuse is very easy to fit and install. The fitting and installation of this instrument is similar to fitting of a regulator. It has large dial to give a clear view of the gas level and shut-off indication and has similar open and close tap as the regulator. You can quickly install it as you don’t need any other tools. You can fit it and forget it till the cylinder gets empty.

How does the Gas Fuse detect the Gas leak ?
Gas Fuse India has introduced this fire safety device based on Bernoulli's principle. According to the principle as the speed of the fluid or gas increases the pressure of the fluid or gas decreases. When the speed of gas decreases, pressure increases which triggers the movement of the shut-off element against 0 ring as a result shutting off further gas flow.

How accurate is the gauge on the Gas Fuse valve ?
The gauge works on pressure and indicates the quantum of gas in the cylinder; hence it cannot measure the quantum of gas. So, which means it is just an indicator, not a measuring device. This device is more or less like a fuel indicator of the car, which shows whether there is fuel left and not what quantity of fuel is left.

Does the Gas Fuse valve work as a regulator ?
No, Gas Fuse valve serves as an emergency flame failure device and not as a regulator.

What is the Gas Fuse device made of ?
This device is made of special aluminium alloy body, brass nozzle and nylon or glass fiber on/off tap.

Is Gas Fuse suitable for Commercial Gas cylinders ?
No. It's not suitable for commercial cylinders.

When there is no problem with LPG gas cylinders why should we buy Gas Safe ?
Gas Fuse is a fire safety device which is one time investment to ensure the safety of your home and family from any fire hazards caused due to leakage of LPG cylinder. As we use helmet while driving bike, Gas Fuse is also like protection from fire accidents in your kitchen.

Does Gas Fuse work on cooking range ?
Yes, works perfectly well with cooking range.

Does it work on piped gas lines connections ?
No, the Gas Fuse is designed to detect leak from the domestic LPG cylinders so it does not work on the pipeline gas.

Does this device work on automobile cylinder ?
No, it is designed only for domestic purpose.

Is the product certified by BIS ?
There is no standard for certifying this product with BIS.

How much does the Gas Fuse valve weigh ?
Approx 350 grms

How does this device help in saving the gas ?
During cooking on high flame a part of the heat is lost to the surrounding atmosphere and doesn’t play a part in cooking process. But the Gas Fuse valve reduces the flow of gas without altering the pressure, this ensures that the gas is used efficiently and 100% of the heat generated is utilized in cooking and not wasted.

How does the Gas Fuse indicate that you on low gas ?
The gauge on the Gas Fuse detects pressure through its gauge pin. When the gas is low in the cylinder, the pressure reduces and the needle falls towards the red section of the gauge.

Will the gas supply be shut off if the milk boils and spills on the stove and extinguishes the flame ?
No, the device will not shut off the gas supply but automatically reduce the gas supply. If the gas supply is shut off you will not be able to light the stove.